Daniel Chow

American, Born Singapore, 1961

a pair of geese flew by
outside my studio window
i’m glad elephants don’t fly

“I don’t believe any man who ever painted a great big picture did so by wandering from one place to another searching for interesting material. By the gods! There’s almost an inexhaustible supply of subjects right around my back door.”  — N. C. Wyeth

Inspiration is not always found in faraway places and many are right outside our doorsteps. Sometimes they are some of the people we meet or the places we take for granted. Every place I have been to and every person I have met have influenced my life and informed my work. They have something to share with me, but only if I be still and listen.

It is seldom that I venture farther than half a mile from my studio. I will have walked only a few blocks and I will soon set up to paint. I like spending time listening to a place and sometimes I will visit it again because it has much more to share with me. I complete many of my paintings in one session, alla prima, because I enjoy the spirit of the moment in my paintings.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Could you be my neighbour?