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An In-Progress Still Life Finally Comes Out Of Storage

Still life in progress 2010 (?)

Still life in progress 2010 (?)

I began this still life nearly five years ago, and it has been idling on the shelf until the previous night after I was done reshuffling my studio, and throwing things away. I will probably regret the latter later next year, but I needed more storage space for my still life objects and a place to stage my still life in my little studio. Long story short, once there was a scarcity of space, and now I have adequate space in my studio.

In the process of reshuffling and throwing stuff away, I found this forgotten painting hidden behind a few other paintings on a ledge. I knew it was there, but I have forgotten that I have placed it there so that I will not forget that I have it there.

It is a shame that I forgot to take a picture of it before I started working on it, but I will post it here when I find the picture of where I have left off. Previously, the upper right quarter of the panel was still bare, the foreground and background were still undecided, and the rest of the elements in the painting were still quite undecided as well. Overall, bits of the white of the panel were showing through in between rough brush marks. The only element that obviously has color is the green vase. UPDATE: Found it.

I do not have the setup in front of me anymore because this was over 5 years ago, so I am working from memory and using many of the valuable exercises that I have learned from Carlin Academy of Fine Art and gleaned from studying other artists' works. The only information that I have in the painting is the notation of the light source and of its soft quality. Of course, I am taking liberties with this. For example, the red table cloth did not exist, so I made it a red velvet. I do not think one could go wrong with red.

I plan on adding a few more elements to balance the composition, so here is where my still life objects that had been in storage boxes for nearly 4 years may come into play. This should be an interestingly creative and thinking process, and I hope to have something to show off to you next year.