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a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

A successful opening night for The Crayon Show

A successful opening night for The Crayon Show which this artist has a work (sold) amongst other fine artists from around the country. Unfortunately I was not well to attend the opening night for the successful Oxford Arts Alliance Crayon Show, but it was delightful to read a coverage by Chester County Press staff writer, John Chambless. Have you noticed how much has changed since Andy Warhol? Fifteen minutes is like a lifetime in the Internet age. In the 21st Century a brief moment of fame is condensed to 15 seconds. For us who were in this group show, it was our 15 seconds of fame.

Crayon is probably everyone's first artistic medium, and most of us don't ever progress much further than that.

But no one is immune to the scent of possibility that a freshly opened box of 64 Crayolas can evoke. For “The Crayon Show” at the Oxford Arts Alliance, a nationwide selection of artists has responded to a challenge to work with this most elementary medium. Much of the depth of the exhibition is gleaned from the artist statements under the works, as they describe both the limitations and the discoveries they encountered. The resulting artworks are wonderfully broad and rich, with some dazzlingly good pieces that transcend what you'd think people could create with a crayon... John Chambless’s article continues here

Still life in crayon. Sold. Proceeds donated to the Oxford Arts Alliance.

Still life in crayon. Sold. Proceeds donated to the Oxford Arts Alliance.

Proceeds from the sale of works in crayon go to supporting the not-for-profit Oxford Arts Alliance dedicated to involving the community, families and children through the arts. Any organisation such as this one and Fleisher Art Memorial are always on my list of support.

Thank you Anelecia Hannah Brooks, Oxford Arts Alliance, and Galer Estate Vineyard and Winery. Also, a thank-you to the buyer who contributed to the Oxford Arts Alliance through this purchase.