Artist’s Musings

a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

New Paintings From Italy

This was my third trip to Italy to visit my brother and his wife in Coriano. It was a long stay, and I must admit that nearly six weeks was a bit too long for us.

I think I have placed too much unnecessary pressure upon myself to make one painting a day. Things did not go as I have imagined. Circumstances changed, for example, stomach flu and other things. Oh well.

One of the things I have come away from this trip is I have noticed that my eyes do not see the way it used to. Which sort of explains why some of my paintings do not look right to my eyes when they were brought indoors. As soon as I returned from Italy, I went out to paint with my artist friends the next day. I experimented by tweaking and compensating how I mix my paints under bright outdoor light, I also made myself handle the brush differently just to see how this affects my brush strokes. More later on the latter two because they may give you some idea of the direction I might be taking with some of my later paintings.

Anyway, 18 paintings in six weeks is not much, but I undoubtedly have come home with many fond memories. The folks of Coriano really love their artist visitors.