Artist’s Musings

a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

The back of worKS Kennett Square

I had done a painting of the front of this building last summer. The owner of worKS Kennett Square wanted it, but I could not let her have it. I had sat on it and broke it. Doh!

I have always like the back of the building viewed from the open field — the white building peeking in between the row of dark toned trees that seem to have a 1-2-3 rhythm. What are these trees called? I keep thinking cypress trees, but they are not. I saw lots of them in most parts of Italy. My brother's wife does not quite like them because they are often used to decorate the cemeteries. Cemetery or not, I do like how they are shaped.

This building is now worKS Kennett Square. According to one of the original locals, it used to be an automotive shop with a gas station. I think she said it was Benji Automotive Repair. I willl have to dig deeper to get the facts straight, so stay tuned. 

Available: Oil on panel, 11 by 14 inches. $1,540. Please contact me via Contact link above.