Artist’s Musings

a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

Revisiting old frames: Applying new finish to compliment paintings

Frames are like windows framing a scenery outside a home. Sometimes the right sort of window helps make a scenery more pleasurable to look at. Of course, if the scenery is bad, then bad is just bad, so perhaps some nice draperies, or stained glass windows to rectify an unpleasant sight.

I think I purchased these frames in 2008 and they have been in storage for some years. I felt they visually looked too heavy and distracting so I refinished them with soft grey colour schemes which are easy on the eyes and quite adaptable in most living or display spaces.

The first frame was refinished with paint by Sinopia and the second frame was refinished with paint by Maison Blanche. There is another paint that I want to try, Allback Linseed Oil Paint. I need to pace the studio expenses because these brands are not run-off-the-mill paints so they are not inexpensive.

The Artist's Straw Hat. Oil on panel, 20 by 16 inches.

Path in Ashland Nature Centre. Ashland Nature Centre of Delaware Nature Society. Oil on paper cropped to 12 by 12 inches from 12 by 16 inches.