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a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

Yahoo Dalores, Gesundheit and Merry Christmas y’all 😘


It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. It’s Christmas morning and all the presents are opened. Now what? I always dread Christmas morning because after all the anticipation and excitement, everything quickly comes to an end. So anti-climatic.

We got a sous vide contraption. We opened it on the night before Christmas when not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Well, except for Speedy Gonzales — he’s a mouse and he was stirring his hot coco.

I made my best, ever, boiled egg with the new sous vide. Ramen style boiled egg. It was delicious. It was just like how great grandma used to make with her sous vide. Back then electricity was not widely available. Great grandpa had to run in the wheel to generate electricity to operate the sous vide which she monitored through her app on her mobile phone. Nikolai and my great grand parents did a lot of FaceTime’ing. I’m not sure how they got their hands on such technology during their period, but they have always talked about Nikolai’s inventions on Christmas morning. They would talk about their Christmas celebrations with Nikolai and singing their favourite carol, Yahoo Dalores, underneath an energy generating contraption that Nikolai invented. They stopped doing that after Nikolai discovered that the microwaves were slow-cooking them! Fortunately no lasting harm done. Funny, they had wondered why they always felt warm and fuzzy under that contraption.

Anyway, the tradition of sous vide eggs and singing Yahool Dalores continues with this generation.

Yahoo Dalores, Gesundheit and Merry Christmas y’all 😘

PS: Say, it’s only a paper moon. But it wouldn’t be make-belief if you believed in me 😉