Artist’s Musings

a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

On Red Clay Creek again, about 100 feet from the previous spot

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Around the corner on Red Clay Creek. Near the same spot as the previous days. Shivering in the cold breeze and my ears are numbed.

I do not like painting in the cold, but I am braving the cold again. I think one benefit and convenience of painting outside in the cold near to my studio is that I am encouraged to quickly decide on a design and paint fast, so that I could conveniently hustle back on foot into the warm studio! The former is a benefit because quickly settling down on a design and painting fast are just what I want to do because I enjoy the spontaneity in my paintings, and being near to my studio is where I want to be because inspiration is not always found in faraway places. Many inspirations are just outside our doorsteps or around the corner.