Daniel Chow

American, Born Singapore, 1961

Where ever we go, it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Because this big blue marble is just one big little neighbourhood. Could we be neighbours?

Daniel moved from Singapore to the United States with his family when he was fourteen. He attended John Ericsson Junior High School where he was encouraged to participate in a neighbourhood juried art exhibition in Murray Hill, Manhattan. His painting in watercolour and crayon of a Murray Hill mansion won him a blue ribbon. That was his first artistic recognition. 

Persuaded to choose a different career path, Daniel Chow the Artist was placed on the back burner. He took courses in computer sciences, courses for pre-med, and public communications. He then moved to San Francisco and studied anthropology at San Francisco State University. He then moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 2002 where the artist in him was reawakened. He briefly attended a local atelier founded by Benjamin Long. This was his first experience in classical art training. He has never looked back.

Soon after Daniel moved to Kennett Square, he attended Carlin Academy of Fine Arts, another classical atelier. Meeting many other artists who live in the area made him ponder about the other people he passed by in the different neighbourhoods. “Sometimes when I pass by someone, that cute Mister Roger’s theme song would play in my head,” said Daniel.

Inspiration is not always found in exotic places and many are outside our doorsteps. They could be the people and their animal friends we have met, and the places that we have been to. They have influenced many of my works. They always have something to share with me, but only if I would be still and listen. — Daniel Chow

Daniel completes many of his paintings in one session, alla prima, because he enjoys the spontaneous spirit of that ooh, nice! moment in his paintings.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. Could we be neighbours?