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a pair of geese flew by; outside my studio window; i’m glad elephants don’t fly

Every work of art has the spirit of the artist in it

“Chasing the Light” is a 20-minute documentary by Illume Gallery Of Fine Art that I feel presents another perspective on my previous share on “What is Art?”. It is an inspirational collection of select artists' insights and their innermost feelings about art and their art.

Every work of art has the spirit of the artist in it, to illuminate, to uplift, and to inspire.  

“Each work of art has an emotional connection to it.” — Spencer Stokes

“One of the purposes of art is that it carries a spirit within it. The artist actually places a spirit within the paint.” — Gary Ernest Smith

“When a piece really comes from the heart, it’s almost as if the artist forgets the process, forgets the mechanics, and watches as the object of art comes to life, as if it wants to be created.” — James C. Christensen

“I really believe that when an artist does that, it shows through on the canvas. I think that it shows through in a way that you can’t fake, you can’t replicate. For me, I’m inspired by light, and there’s a quality of light, and a quality of rapidly moving light. Something that’s transient that won’t ever be there again that I know that if I paint this I am going to have caught one little tiny bit of August first that will never exist ever in history ever again.” — Kathleen Dunphy

I hope you will enjoy this documentary as much as I did.

Be inspired.

A 20-minute Documentary by Illume Gallery Of Fine Art. A collection of select artists' insights and their innermost feelings about art and their art.